Words of Wisdom

This is the first year in the last 27 years that I have been relatively free of pain and not suffering frequent bouts of Fibrositis...I had gotten to the place where I thought there was no hope. I have had a very stable, active life style this past year [with Homeopathy]and look forward to each day. M. Koch



Testimonials - Asthma

Our son, Brenton, started with asthma (reactive airway) at 12 months of age. Countless nights we stood over our Brenton watching, hoping and praying he would start breathing better. Many of these nights we wound up racing Brenton to the emergency room because he was unable to breathe. Brenton was hospitalized 7 times in a 20 month period. Every time Brenton had an attack he was put on steroids and various other drugs. We even own a nebulizer-inhaler machine for home therapy use. His pediatrician told us Brenton was one of the most severe asthma patients he had ever seen. When Brenton was 2 1/2 years of age, a friend of mine encouraged me to take Brenton to Howard Fine. Brenton was treated with a Homeopathic remedy. Approximately one year later, Brenton now 3 1/2 years, has had only one mild attack, which was immediately brought under control with another remedy. My husband and I are thrilled with our son's health progress and we are most grateful to Howard Fine that Brenton is leading a Healthy, active life. We are relieved that Brenton is off all steroid drugs. D. Tello

Ear Infections

Two years ago we were told by an ear specialist that our son, Ryan, needed tubes in his ears because of recurring ear infections. We wanted a second opinion and were referred to Howard Fine. He spent over an hour with my husband and myself asking us thorough questions regarding Ryan and his health. Ryan was given a remedy and has not had an ear infection since taking that remedy. What I thought was very special was Howard called us a week after he saw Ryan and aksed how he was doing. I have also called him at home to ask him questions regarding our newborn child. He is a very knowledgeable man and willing to go out of his way to give service. P.Dennington

Severe Eczema/Hyperactivity

We have taken our 2 year old son to Howard Fine for over a year. He had severe eczema which covered most of his body, sleeplessness, constant colds and flus and most importantly, displayed symptoms of hyperactivity. We had attempted conventional methods of treatment with little or no success. Our pediatrician had nothing to offer to allay our fears regarding Max's hyperactivity. Now, through just 4 Homeopathic treatments, he has shown marked improvement in all areas. We are very , very pleased with his progress. Aside from the immediate benefits of a calm, relaxed child with healthy skin and normal sleep patterns, we feel so many potential problems have been avoided. Had we not had the option of Homeopathy, our son would have been hyperactive and quite probably, learning disabled. Instead, he is a healthy, normal child who, without the use of dangerous drugs or expensive, extended therapies, will have the opportunity for a full and rewarding life. What more do parents want for their children? Homeopathy is such a pure, safe and effective form of treatment. Elizabeth Greiner, MA

Fibrositis (Fibromyalgia)

I have been under several doctors' care in various hospitals, several weeks' stay at a pain center, as well as seeing a doctor at the Mayo Clinic, for a condition call Fibrositis (Fibromyalgia) over a period of many years. No one had been able to give any relief or cure. It is very painful; therefore I continue to seek help outside the established medical community. I was directed to Howard Fine who had been able to help others by means of homeopathy. I was treated in January. This was the beginning of a turn-around for me physically. This is the first year in the last 27 years that I have been relatively free of pain and not suffering frequent bouts of Fibrositis...I had gotten to the place where I thought there was no hope. I have had a very stable, active life style this past year and look forward to each day. M. Koch

Car Sickness/Fear of Snakes/Fear of Heights

I sincerely want to thank you for resolving so many of my health issues. Since I no longer get car sickness, my wife is very happy that we are able to drive to many places that I was unable to before. Heights no longer frighten me. Several seeks ago we traveled to Portland, Oregon to visit my daughter. While we were there, we traveled over to the coast. At the coast there was a cliff that was a least 200 feet high. I was standing within six (6) inches of the edge. My daughter calmly noted that I was standing at the edge of the cliff. I had never stood by the edge of anything high up. I was astonished, and I commented that my palms were not sweating. I believe that my fear of snakes has passed. A little over a week ago I was servicing an air conditioner condenser of a renter of mine, and as I finished the job, I noticed a rattlesnake within ten (10) feet of where I was [standing]. I calmly looked for something to kill it with. I found pruning shears and proceded to cut the snake into pieces. S. Dickmeyer