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Give me health and a day and I will make the pomp of emperors ridiculous.

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Article One



The Nature Of Homeopathic Healing


When I was just a kid, I knew I was interested in medicine, but I had no idea I would end up a detective. Conventional medicine catalogs symptoms that many patients have in common to arrive at a course of treatment.

In homeopathic study, it is the strange, rare and peculiar symptoms of an individual's illness which set that patient apart from others with the same ailment and will eventually lead the doctor to the most effective remedy for that person.

While most patients with a diagnosis of measles will have common symptoms, they will also have symptoms which don't seem to make sense in terms of usual diagnosis. So even though 7 people in a room may all have symptoms of measles in common, all 7 may require completely different remedies because of their strange, rare and peculiar symptoms. One patient may be thirsty with a fever, one may not; one may desire consolation, another may crave solitude.

The challenge lies in accessing the unexpected symptoms when determining the correct remedy. This is why I am a detective.

Imagine a circular jig-saw puzzle. This particular one, for our purposes has:

1. a central set of pieces which all fit together perfectly: the patient , including all of their strange rare and peculiar symptoms

2. an outer ring: symptoms common to a number of people with the same diagnosis

3. an intermediate circular piece: the remedy - which reflects precisely the undulating shape of the center piece.

puzzleLet's imagine that the completed puzzle is the sum total of the patient.

Now imagine that each of the central pieces represents a distinct aspect of the patient's "health picture". That is, the patient's symptoms: physical, mental and emotional; their medical history and family background.

It's all well and good to have this information, but it is how it is used by the homeopathic physician that will dictate how effective a treatment will be.

In this way the remedy choice is "tailored" to the individual, rather than dictated strictly by the diagnosis of the illness. Pin-pointing  these strange, rare and peculiar symptoms is the job of the homeopathic physician.

Generally, a one and a half to two hour initial session for chronic (on -going) conditions allows the physician an opportunity to dig deep into the complex "picture" of the patient. Once the remedy picture is clear, a remedy which matches the convolutions of the patient's central puzzle pieces can be chosen.

If the remedy piece fits precisely, a state of good health can be re-established. The detective has done his job well and completed the puzzle.